Renaissance Home Connect is a wonderful tool to keep track of your child’s AR progress. Use the following links for the system:

A letter and packet explaining Renaissance Home Connect will go home with every student in the first few weeks of the school year. It will contain detailed instructions on how to use Renaissance Home Connect including how to log in using your child’s username and password, and how to sign up for e-mail alerts to get your child’s AR quiz scores as they take them.

To see if a book has an AR quiz, you can go to

To search our library catalog for AR books, you will need to access our Destiny page and search for books by AR level. You can do this from the main Destiny search page. Under READING PROGRAMS, click the drop down menu to choose “Accelerated Reader.” At this point, you can put in your child’s AR level and search the catalog.

*If you would like more information on Accelerated Reader and/or Renaissance Home Connect, you can go here:

**If you would like more information on searching for books in our library based on their AR level, contact Mrs. Windham at 504.366.3538 x 108.

***If you have specific questions about your child’s AR requirements, please contact your child’s teacher.